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Residential flat roofing isn’t quite as common as commercial use, but can be beneficial for those looking for a cost-effective alternative to other roofing methods. Many of the more modern homes being built these days make use of a flat roof, which, architecturally speaking, is something of a mystery. Residential flat roofing is also frequently found as part of home additions and shed dormers to name just a few. Flat roofing is frequently done with ethylene propylene diene monomer, or EPDM, due to it being a surprisingly durable material that is thin and simple to maintain, among its other great benefits. Residential flat roofing is best left to an experienced and professional roofing team able to properly seal seams and flashing to ensure the best possible leak resistance and overall results.

Benefits of EPDM

When it comes to residential flat roofing, it’s hard to beat EPDM. They’re typically made from recycled materials, which make them among the more environmentally friendly options on the market. It does a fantastic job keeping water and moisture out of the home and can last upwards of 30 years when taken care of through a roof maintenance program offered by a reputable and respectable roofing company. EPDM can be easily repaired by an experienced professional, but rarely needs to be. It can easily stand up to the weight and pressure of the Canadian winter snow and ice and is very rarely damaged by wind.


An interesting thing about residential flat roofing is that it isn’t actually flat. It’s designed with a slight incline, oftentimes in several directions, to guide rain water to the proper drain and to prevent water from pooling on the roof. The roof itself needs to be prepared accordingly prior to the installation of the EPDM rubber membrane. Once preparations are complete, the rubber membrane is applied with an adhesive able to bond with wood, steel, or even concrete. There are many tricky aspects of residential flat roofing, which is why installing EPDM residential flat roofing is best done by only certified and fully insured roofing professionals.

Certified Roofer

Did you know that you could be held legally responsible for the health and safety of those working on your property? Don’t feel too bad if didn’t know; neither do most other homeowners. The only way to protect yourself and your assets is to check the certification and insurance paperwork of the roofer in question. It addition, it never hurts to see a copy of the roofer’s business registration as an added measure.
While residential flat roofing isn’t quite as popular as commercial, there’s still a strong market for it in the GTA. EPDM is a strong and beneficial material that is an ideal solution to the flat roofing needs of many Canadians, but should be installed by an experienced and certified roofer able to show proof of insurance. Investing in residential flat roofing shouldn’t mean taking on the risk of legal action. Contact the most reputable in the industry today to learn more about the options available to those seeking residential flat roofing today.


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